Upcoming Event? 

 We Cater To That!

Option 1 (Catering Style)

Choices of Meat: 

Shawarma, Kabob, Pargiut, Grilled Chicken Breast, Schniztel & Vegan Falafel.

4 Sides Salads of your Choice & Fresh Pitas 

Served in ready to go bowls. 

$20 per Person

(For Shish Kabob or Merguez $22 per Person) 

Option 2 - Food Truck
The Holy Grill Food Truck Will Come To Your Event Location And Serve Fresh Hot Food Straight From The Grill Onto Your Plate. 

(Minimum required of 70 people ) 

Adults Menu:

Shawarma, Pargiut, Kabob or Chicken Breast on Plate served with: 

israeli salad, hummus & tahini, white cabbage salad, red cabbage w mayo, fresh pita, spicy and pickles. 

Soft Drink

$16 per person. 



Hamburger Combo (Lay's Chips & Drink) 

Hotdog Combo (Lay's Chips & Drink) 

(With Option for Fries) 

$10 per Person