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Upcoming Event? 

 We Cater To That!

Option 1 (Catering Style, No Minimum Required)

Choices of Meat: 

Shawarma, Kabob, Pargiut, Grilled Chicken Breast, Schniztel or Vegan Falafel.
4 Sides Salads of your Choice:
Hummus, Israeli Salad (Seasoning or Plain), White Cabbage Salad, Red Cabbage in Mayo (or without), Moroccan Beets, Moroccan Carrots, Spicy Tomatoes Salad, Onion Salad, Dill Cucumber Salad and Corn Salad
 Sides of Pickles, Spicy, Roasted Peppers, Tahini and Pickles
 Fresh Pitas 
Served in ready to go Black Elegant bowls.
Aluminum Trays for Meat and Falafel  
$22 per Person

(For Shish Kabob or Merguez $24 per Person) 

Option 2 - Food Truck
The Holy Grill Food Truck Will Come To Your Event Location And Serve Fresh Hot Food Straight From The Grill Onto Your Plate. 

($1100 Minimum required) 


Shawarma, Pargiut, Kabob or Chicken Breast on Plate served with: 

israeli salad, hummus & tahini, white cabbage salad, red cabbage w mayo, fresh pita, spicy and pickles. 

Soft Drink (@ 

$17 per Plate. 


Hamburger Combo (Lay's Chips & Drink) 

Hotdog Combo (Lay's Chips & Drink) 

$10 per Order